Print Pagination

InformationPages’ print publishing system allows automated output to camera ready Adobe PostScript® and PDF files. Our rules-based pagination engine is the fastest available and fully paginates a typical directory including listings, ads and filler within seconds. Publishers can cut their directory creation time from weeks to hours, giving sales teams more time to sell. In addition, InformationPages’ is also the first web-based print pagination system available. Directories can be created and proofed for errors and touching rules adherence anywhere a user has a laptop with a standard browser and Internet connection! There are no special hardware nor software requirements, and there is unlimited user access.

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Content Management System
Using our content management system, you can update your ads and listings at any time during your production process. Additionally, you can manage your entire canvass, including: ad tracking and proofing to customers, accounts receivables, contract and data entry and sales.

Fully Customizable
InformationPages’ publication system is completely customizable using ultra-flexible templates. Templates can be created on a per book, section and listing basis to accurately recreate the look of your existing printed directories including community, government, yellow, white, coupon and classified pages. Output can go directly to press.